Our Applications

Our Applications

DragonSCALES™ is like nothing else on the market, enabling a completely new take on solar power across a broad range of applications – from satellites in space to portable power directly integrated into fabric or other structures.


DragonSCALES is an ideal solution for the aerospace market. Our industry leading packing factor allows maximum power regardless of deployment configuration and our flexibility is ideally suited for the latest rollable deployment mechanisms. Offering lowest end-of-life system cost while maximizing efficiencies, and scaling to deliver MWs of power, DragonSCALES overcomes limitations of existing Gallium Arsenide-based (III-V) solutions.


DragonSCALES enables high efficiency, light weight, thin and flexible solar applications that can be directly integrated into remote off-grid infrastructure.

Internet of Things (IoT)

DragonSCALES provides a light weight, ultra-thin and flexible solar solution that combined with the ability to customize shape and form factor, enables deep integration with IoT sensors and devices.