Internet of Things

Deep integration for custom applications.

DragonSCALES provides a lightweight, ultra-thin, flexible solar solution, enabling customizable integration with IoT sensors and devices.

The explosion of connected devices grows each year as more and more sensors gather data on infrastructure, crops, location, the environment and other applications. Many of these devices use batteries and the cost to visit a device to replace batteries can be prohibitive. Existing solar technologies have been used in some cases, including small traditional solar panels, but the cost and one-size-fits-all scenario is limiting.

DragonSCALES provides ultra-thin fully encapsulated solar technology, based on high-efficiency silicon that is easily tailored to meet application requirements. The size and shape of the die and modules can be customized allowing deep integration options with sensors and devices. The technology also allows custom voltages, streamlining integration with other power systems, including batteries. With a flexible and mechanically resilient architecture, the design options are limitless.

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Benefits of our Technology

DragonSCALES can be manufactured to meet a wide variety of application requirements. Many applications require a thin, lightweight, flexible and robust module. DragonSCALES is in production for military and commercial/industrial applications, and has been tested to the most stringent requirements. Sensors whether for industrial IoT, wearables, or otherwise need thin and low weight solar technology for easy integration without compromising robustness.

Many sensors are located indoors. The ability to harvest energy in low-light conditions provides options for power harvesting from LED, incandescent or fluorescent light sources. DragonSCALES technology has been demonstrated to produce power down to extremely low current levels.

The silicon die can be custom interconnected to quickly realize a desired system voltage. System efficiencies can be maximized by minimizing voltage conversions for other subsystems. This capability provides numerous design options not available with standard solar panel solutions.

Many thin film competitive technologies are lower efficiency and lack the ability for higher volume production which impacts cost and supply-chain performance. Also, some utilize toxic materials. DragonSCALES uses high volume and high efficiency terrestrial solar manufactured to our unique module and panel designs.

DragonSCALES does not require any exotic manufacturing techniques. The technology leverages existing high-volume and high-efficiency silicon, with automated manufacturing processes common in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, built on a reliable and proven architecture.