Making solar installation simpler and faster

DragonSCALES™ enables high-efficiency, lightweight, thin and flexible solar applications that can be directly integrated into remote off-grid infrastructure.

The need for portable off-grid power continues to grow as the world becomes more digitally connected and events around the world create the need for rapidly deployable infrastructure with integrated power. Existing technologies are significantly limited by cost, weight and efficiency. A new technology is required to meet this need.

DragonSCALES provides thin, fully encapsulated solar modules, based on high-efficiency silicon that can be easily customized to meet application requirements. DragonSCALES can be directly integrated into fabric, or other materials, allowing ultra-portable infrastructure. The technology allows custom voltages, streamlining integration with other power systems including batteries, and reduces cost and thickness of wire harnesses. With a flexible and mechanically resilient architecture, the design options are limitless.

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Benefits of our Technology

Shadows from trees or other infrastructure, on even a small portion of a traditional panel, can severely limit the power production. DragonSCALES modules consist of micro-singulated silicon die that are interconnected both in series and parallel, eliminating shading issues at the panel and string level.

This can occur when a single cell is shaded, causing a low current across the cell, and the extra current produced by the good cells in the string creates forward biases. If there is a short circuit, the current of the good cells reverse biases the shaded cells, leading to a large dissipation of power causing local overheating, and potentially causing fire.

The silicon die in a DragonSCALES module can be custom interconnected to quickly get to a desired system voltage. This allows for instance, higher voltages and correspondingly lower current that in turn reduces the required cable thickness, cost and mass. Furthermore, system efficiencies can be maximized by eliminated voltage conversions for other subsystems.

Many thin film competitive technologies are lower efficiency and lack the ability for higher volume production which impacts cost and supply-chain delivery. Also, some utilize toxic materials. DragonSCALES uses high-volume and high-efficiency terrestrial silicon cells, manufactured to our unique module and panel designs.

DragonSCALES can be manufactured to meet a host of application requirements. Many require a thin, lightweight and robust module that can withstand outdoor rugged environments, wind loading and other environmental considerations. DragonSCALES technology is being delivered for military and commercial/industrial applications tested to the most stringent requirements. These applications demand a thin, low-profile solar module, that is flexible, foldable or rollable.

DragonSCALES do not require any exotic manufacturing techniques. The technology leverages existing high-volume and high-efficiency silicon PV production, with automated manufacturing processes common in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, built on a reliable and proven architecture.

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