Solar reimagined.

Solar reimagined.

Innovative solar technology, empowering the future.

Innovative solar technology, empowering the future.

Serving Space, Terrestrial and IoT.

Serving Space, Terrestrial and IoT.

A transformational approach to solar, unleashing new application innovation

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April 26-29, 2022


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Lightweight, flexible, and highly resilient, DragonSCALES combine state-of the art advances in silicon photovoltaics with pioneering R&D from Sandia National Laboratories to create a radical new take on solar. Whether for the harsh environment of outer space, the most rugged terrestrial environments, or the smallest embedded sensor applications, DragonSCALES enables fully customizable, cost-effective solutions that create completely new paradigms for a wide range of solar applications.

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A Revolution in Space Power


DragonSCALES is ideally suited for the aerospace market and overcomes the cost and supply limitations of existing Gallium Arsenide-based (III-V) solutions, offering the lowest end-of-life system cost while maximizing efficiencies through industry leading packing factors.


DragonSCALES enables high-efficiency, light weight, thin and flexible solar applications that can be directly integrated into remote off-grid infrastructure.


DragonSCALES provides a light weight, ultra-thin and flexible solar solution that combined with the ability to customize shape and form factor, enables deep integration with IoT sensors and devices.