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Space-Tested Survivability.
Space-Proven Performance.

Validated by on-orbit customer data, power-dense solar cells offered by DragonSCALES™ keep missions on schedule while decreasing launch costs and extending the space asset lifespan for existing and next-generation solar-powered designs.

Full-cycle Savings
Modular, plug-and-play architecture is quick to source, economical to produce, and simple to integrate.
Adaptable Form
Versatile, responsive engineering offers advanced customization capability to adapt to diverse and extreme in-space mission needs.
Rapid Fulfillment
Strategically scalable design and accredited ISO certifications enable fast, fully automated production for high-volume space applications.
Failure Resistant
Ultra-durable design reduces the risk of stress and damage from micrometeorites and enables on-orbit radiation recovery.

We look forward to working with mPower to provide space-proven, reliable solar power for our StarMax modules, enabling the next generation of space stations.

Space Applications

Available quickly and economically in extremely high volume, DragonSCALES™ are now in use for low earth orbit mega-constellations.

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Affordable, Scalable Power for Large-scale LEO Constellations

DragonSCALES™ delivers dependable power solutions for a wide range of lunar and deep space missions, including challenging landed environments.

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Space Power for the Moon and Beyond
DragonSCALES™ delivers scalable and high-voltage power for a variety of next-generation logistics missions including space habitats, spacecraft-as-a-service, and orbit raising with electric propulsion systems.

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Space Logistics and Mobility
DragonSCALES™ solar arrays, which are low-cost and high-capacity, can be quickly and easily configured for large-scale space power generation and delivery systems.

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Space-based Solar Power, Enabled by DragonSCALES™


  • High packing factor
    Unique cell sizes yield greater power efficiency
  • Mechanical flexibility
    Malleable and integrable with any surface/form
  • Low weight / stowage volume
    Easily transportable and deployable
  • Mesh configuration
    Isolates faults and eliminates single point failures
  • Pre-wired components
    Reduces handling and systems integration rework
  • Flexible voltage
    Customizable, high- or low- voltage power
  • Radiation resistant
    Withstands exposure with minimal degradation
  • Shade tolerant
    Consistent performance in shaded conditions
  • Future-proofed design
    Built for next-generation cell upgrades