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Founded in 2015, mPower builds the world’s most advanced solar energy solutions. Designed to meet the complex and demanding needs of humanity as civilization advances and evolves, mPower’s pioneering solar-cell technology has been tested and proven to perform optimally even in the harshest environments using infrastructure economically engineered for unparalleled customization, resilience, and scale.
Leadership team

With over $1 billion in high-tech exits and IPOs, mPower’s leadership team combines a proven track record in scaling growth companies with deep experience in aerospace and semiconductors at organizations ranging in size from startups to multinationals.

Kevin Hell

Kevin Hell

President & CEO

Kevin Hell is a seasoned high-tech CEO and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience growing high-technology companies. His twenty years of P&L leadership roles include serving as CEO of DivX (NASDAQ: DIVX), one of the most broadly deployed digital media technologies in the world. Hell has held executive and board roles with multiple companies including Gateway, Palm, On-Ramp Wireless, The Boston Consulting Group and Sonic Solutions.

A graduate of Stanford University, Hell received his MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics. He received his MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Murat Okandan

Dr. Murat Okandan

CTO & Founder

Prior to founding mPower Technology, Dr. Murat Okandan worked for Sandia National Labs for 16 years building the foundation of what is now DragonSCALES. He was involved in a large range of technology development projects ranging from biomedical/neural implants to extreme sensors and solar power systems, all leveraging microsystems and microfabrication techniques. Okandan continues to lead mPower’s critical technology development and product integration activities.

Okandan received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University.

Kaveh Rouhani

Kaveh Rouhani

VP, Space Power Systems

Kaveh Rouhani is the lead for mPower business development activities in the aerospace market. He joined mPower from Boeing Spectrolab in early 2017 where he was the global capture team lead for space solar cells, panel and array design and manufacturing, working with worldwide satellite primes.

Rouhani has a BS from University of California Irvine in Mathematics and an MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Texas.

Manufacturing Partners

mPower’s strategic manufacturing partners enable the company to provide rapid and economical high-volume fulfillment of DragonSCALES to customers all over the world.

Universal Instruments Corp., A Delta Group Company

mPower manufactures DragonSCALES™ modules in the U.S. through a fully-automated, ISO-9001 production line at Universal Instruments Corp. in Conklin, New York using a dedicated team experienced in advanced semiconductors and electronics.

GTM Advanced Structures

mPower manufactures DragonSCALES™ photovoltaic assemblies (PVAs) for global space customers using a dedicated production team with experience in aerospace composites and systems at GTM Advanced Structures’ AS-9100 certified facility in the Netherlands.