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Developed at Sandia National Laboratories and rigorously field- and flight-tested and proven, DragonSCALES™ is the world’s most advanced ultra-light, ultra-adaptable silicon solar cell solution. The technology, performance-engineered for affordability and built to last, supplies customized, scalable solar power to the most demanding applications in the most remote and extreme locations.

As we continue to populate our satellite constellations, DragonSCALES™ will provide a viable and proven solution for powering the world’s first commercial cell tower in space.

DragonSCALES™ is designed for high-volume, fully automated, turnkey manufacturing and maximum economies of scale, with lower production, operation, and integration costs than other solar solutions.

Patented architecture uses easy-to-handle, low-cost, readily available equipment and materials and inherently integrated wiring. This enables scalability at speed, and fast, unlimited, economical customization. 

But none of this compromises performance. DragonSCALES has the physical durability, electrical resilience, and radiation recovery capabilities to ensure long life… even in the harshest environments. 

Fortifying the integrity of your mission like never before.


  • High packing factor
    Unique cell sizes yield greater power efficiency
  • Mechanical flexibility
    Malleable and integrable with any surface/form
  • Low weight / stowage volume
    Easily transportable and deployable
  • Mesh configuration
    Isolates faults and eliminates single point failures
  • Pre-wired components
    Reduces handling and systems integration rework
  • Flexible voltage
    Customizable high- or low-voltage power
  • Radiation resistant
    Withstands exposure with minimal degradation
  • Shade tolerant
    Consistent performance in shaded conditions
  • Future-proofed design
    Built for next-generation cell upgrades


Universal Instruments Corp., A Delta Group Company

mPower manufactures DragonSCALES™ modules in the U.S. through a fully-automated, ISO-9001 production line at Universal Instruments Corp. in Conklin, New York using a dedicated team experienced in advanced semiconductors electronics.

GTM Advanced Structures

mPower manufactures DragonSCALES™ photovoltaic assemblies (PVAs) for global space customers using a dedicated production team with experience in aerospace composites and systems at GTM Advanced Structures’ AS-9100 certified facility in the Netherlands.

Customization Methodology

mPower’s extensive design customization capabilities translate your unique mission requirements into a customized DragonSCALES™ module that will meet even the most demanding mission needs. Our detailed technical needs audit and analysis ensure precision fulfillment of all mission specifications, so you know you’re getting a module that’s made for you.

Space Needs
Assessment Process
  • DragonSCALES™ Layout
  • Power Analysis
  • Atomic Oxygen Analysis
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis
  • Magnetic Moment Analysis
  • ESD Mitigation
  • Radiation Analysis
  • Add-on Mass Analysis
Terrestrial Needs
Assessment Process
  • DragonSCALES™ Layout
  • Power Analysis
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis
  • ESD Mitigation
  • Add-on Mass Analysis