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The Role

The space market is going through a massive transformation. Companies such as SpaceX, Amazon, Telesat, and OneWeb, have announce plans to launch “mega-constellations” of smaller Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite that could put over 45,000 satellite into orbit during the next decade. This new era of space commercialization is forcing a massive rethink of how satellites and spacecraft are built and launched.

Power is needed for every mission and application in space whether it be constellations of communications satellites, lunar space stations, commercial space tourism, asteroid mining, manufacturing in space or manned flights to Mars. Yet, solar power in space has been largely provided by the same technology for decades, GaAs-based solar cells, otherwise known as III-V cells.

Enter mPower’s DragonSCALES, a vastly less-expensive, high-performance alternative to current III-V technology. With over $25 million in engineering and development work and years of rigorous testing, mPower Technology’s solar solutions are ready to power the next generation of space.