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Why DragonSCALES?

Solar technology has progressed significantly in the last decades. Consequently, the broad availability of low-cost silicon for residential, commercial and utility-scale applications has exploded. In space, satellites were once powered by silicon cells until they were replaced with gallium arsenide technology, dramatically increasing the efficiency and capabilities of satellites. But, the need for new capabilities has not slowed down.

New commercial satellite constellations like SpaceX, Amazon’s Project Kuiper and others are launching thousands of satellites, and the cost and limited supply capacity of gallium arsenide does not meet these new needs. The explosion of 5G and other communications technologies are driving new Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors, many of which require energy harvesting to support autonomous operation.

Finally, while more and more traditional solar panels are being deployed for homes, businesses and utilities, there is a surging need for portable, flexible and lower weight solutions to provide power for remote off-grid applications.

DragonSCALES is solar reimagined.

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A Revolution in Space Power

Solar Reimagined. DragonSCALES Cells

DragonSCALES starts with high efficiency state-of-the- art silicon cells that are the product of billions of dollars a year in R&D investment. mPower Technology collaborates with leading global research institutes to adapt mono-crystalline silicon and other advanced structures to the DragonSCALES architecture. DragonSCALES cells can be customized to any shape and size, and thus easily integrated into any design. Our approach leverages the massive scale of terrestrial silicon PV market to minimize cost, and eliminate the extremely challenging, hard-to-scale models of custom cell manufacturing. For space applications, mPower has developed fabrication approaches to maximize end-of-life performance in harsh space environments with on-orbit radiation recovery.

Solar Reimagined. DragonSCALES Modules

Our high efficiency advanced back contact silicon cells form “the engine” of the DragonSCALES module and are hyper-interconnected in series and parallel using the latest advanced semi-conductor type assembly processes. These modules or “super cells” can be customized to any shape, thickness, voltage, size, material stack and other design considerations to meet application specific requirements at lowest cost. The ability to leverage existing semiconductor type processes reduces risk and cost and allows DragonSCALES to scale to MWs of delivered power.

Solar Reimagined. DragonSCALES – Continuing to Advance the State of the Art

The unique architecture of DragonSCALES and the merging of photovoltaic and semiconductor technologies and processes opens up new opportunities for innovation. mPower continues to advance its product portfolio including advanced cell structures pushing efficiency to unprecedented levels, advanced power management architectures and other techniques to mitigate end of life degradation.

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