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mPower Technology DragonSCALES Powers Lynk Global Tower 1 Satellite

mPower Technology DragonSCALES Powers Lynk Global Tower 1 Satellite​

Flexible silicon solar modules selected as power source for space cell tower

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., July 13, 2022 – Innovative solar technology company, mPower Technology, today announced that its DragonSCALES™ solar power modules were selected by Lynk Global, Inc., (Lynk) the world’s leading satellite-direct-to-phone telecoms company, to power the Lynk Global Tower 1 satellite, the first commercial-ready cell tower in space.

Launched in April of 2022, the Lynk Tower 1 is currently in orbit and is the sixth satellite in the constellation fleet. 

DragonSCALES has been under evaluation by Lynk since its initial launch into low-Earth orbit last year.  The space-proven technology has been collecting performance data and has demonstrated valuable results from the mission. As such, Lynk has selected mPower as a space power partner to deliver solar power solutions for its subsequent satellite deployments.  DragonSCALES’ benefits of lower mass, high packing factor, reliability, flexibility and competitive cost are ideally suited for constellation deployments such as the Lynk Tower 1.

“We continue to enhance our technology with each launch, and companies such as mPower have enabled us to quickly bring compelling solutions to market,” said Tyghe Speidel, co-founder and CTO of Lynk. “As we continue to populate our satellite constellations, DragonSCALES will provide a viable and proven solution for powering the world’s first commercial cell-tower-in-space service.”

“Lynk has been actively evaluating our technology and we have worked closely with their team to customize our space power solutions for their mission,” said Kevin Hell, president and CEO of mPower Technology. “By leveraging existing manufacturing and fabrication processes, we have been able to meet Lynk’s increasing demand and schedule for its imminent commercial service launch.  We are excited to be a part of this monumental technology solution to serve Lynk’s customers across the globe.”


About mPower Technology
mPower Technology is shaping the future of solar power with a revolutionary new technology called DragonSCALES™, a completely flexible, interconnected mesh of miniature solar cells. Leveraging well-established and affordable materials, processes, and tools from the silicon photovoltaic (PV) and microelectronics industries, DragonSCALES enables completely new design options for solar power, removing the constraints of existing silicon and gallium arsenide solar solutions, and enabling highly flexible, resilient, lightweight designs that can be rapidly deployed at extremely low cost. For further information, visit

About Lynk Global
In 2022, Lynk will provide the world’s first commercial satellite-direct-to-standard-mobile-phone service, enabling affordable, reliable mobile phone connectivity to everyone, everywhere across the globe. Founded in 2017 by veteran space and telecoms leaders, the Lynk team invented, patented, and proved that a satellite could serve as a “cell tower in space” and connect directly to a standard mobile phone on Earth – a technological feat verified by independent third parties. Today, Lynk is the only company in the world to have successfully sent text messages to and from space via unmodified mobile devices. By partnering with Lynk via a simple roaming agreement, a mobile network operator opens the door to untapped markets, gives subscribers peace of mind with ubiquitous connectivity, and provides a pathway to economic prosperity for billions of the world’s citizens. For more information, visit


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