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Endless Possibility.
Boundless Potential.

The pioneering design and construction of DragonSCALES™ can be customized to almost any configuration. This enables an unlimited range of economical design possibilities for next-generation renewable energy applications.

Integrable Form Ultrathin, malleable design seamlessly integrates into myriad materials, structures, and power systems for diverse applications and aesthetics.
Rapid Deployment
Ultralight, ultraflexible structure is easy to pack and transport to almost any location, enabling reach into remote and inaccessible parts of the world.
Resilient Design Advanced architecture is shade tolerant and damage resistant, performing optimally under even the most challenging conditions.

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DragonSCALES™ offers deep and easy integration with power systems for IoT sensors and devices using adaptable, fully encapsulated solar modules.

DragonSCALES™ are highly efficient, lightweight, and easily transportable, allowing for low cost, easy-to-deploy remote power systems.

DragonSCALES™ can aesthetically conform to almost any vehicle surface and environment for efficient, renewable, continuous, and reliable operation.

DragonSCALES™ delivers rapidly deployable infrastructure that meets BIPV requirements, including aesthetics and balance-of-systems costs.


  • High packing factor
    Unique cell sizes yield greater power efficiency
  • Mechanical flexibility
    Malleable and integrable with any surface/form
  • Low weight / stowage volume
    Easily transportable and deployable
  • Mesh configuration
    Isolates faults and eliminates single point failures
  • Pre-wired components
    Reduces handling and systems integration rework
  • Flexible voltage
    Customizable high- or low-voltage power
  • Radiation resistant
    Withstands exposure with minimal degradation
  • Shade tolerant
    Consistent performance in shaded conditions
  • Future-proofed design
    Built for next-generation cell upgrades