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DragonSCALES™ is like nothing else on the market, enabling a completely new take on solar power across a broad range of applications.

From Internet of Things (IoT) to completely portable and renewable power directly integrated into a myriad of materials and structures, DragonSCALES can be customized to meet the needs of most any configuration requiring a solar power solution.

Remote Power

DragonSCALES is designed to be lightweight, flexible, resilient and extremely reliable, overcoming the low-voltage limitations of today’s rigid solar cells. DragonSCALES cost-effectively enables a wide range of design possibilities for multiple solar power applications and markets. In particular, it is an ideal solution for remote power applications, overcoming the power conversion efficiency limitations of technologies like thin film amorphous silicon (a-Si) while supporting “textile-like” flexibility for packaging, stowage volume and portability requirements. DragonSCALES can also be directly integrated into fabric or other materials, allowing ultra-portable infrastructure with all the benefits of lower weight, lower cost, easy deployment and removal, damage resilience, form-factor flexibility and shade tolerance.


Even though electric vehicle technology has progressed significantly over the past decade, the need for constant recharging and range limitations continues to be a challenge for this sustainable transportation alternative. Advancements in solar technology could be the answer to solving these challenges. DragonSCALES, a flexible, reliable and resilient solar power solution is designed to operate in a host of environments and can adapt to design form factors for just about any type of vehicle. This reduces the need for frequent recharging and provides enhanced power, enabling continuous operation and environmentally friendly power.


DragonSCALES provides a lightweight, ultra-thin, flexible solar solution, enabling customizable integration with IoT sensors and devices. The explosion of connected devices grows each year as more and more sensors gather data on infrastructure, crops, location, the environment and other applications. Many of these devices use batteries and the economics to visit a device to replace batteries can be prohibitive. Existing solar technologies have been used in some cases, including small traditional solar panels, but the cost and one-size-fits-all scenario is limiting. DragonSCALES provides ultra-thin fully encapsulated solar technology, based on high-efficiency silicon that is easily tailored to meet application requirements. The size and shape of the cells and modules can be customized allowing deep integration options with sensors and devices. The technology also allows custom voltages, streamlining integration with other power systems, including batteries. With a flexible and mechanically resilient architecture, the design options for IoT devices are limitless.

Building Integrated PV

The need for portable off-grid power continues to grow as the world becomes more digitally connected and events around the world create the need for rapidly deployable infrastructure with integrated power. Existing technologies are significantly limited by cost, weight and efficiency. A new technology is required to meet this need. DragonSCALES provides thin, fully encapsulated solar modules, based on high-efficiency silicon that can be easily customized to meet building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) requirements. The technology allows custom voltages, streamlining integration with other power systems including batteries, and reduces cost and thickness of wire harnesses. With a flexible and mechanically resilient architecture, the design options are limitless.