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Sandia Secures Six Regional Technology Transfer Awards

Sandia National Laboratories

mPower Technology is excited to be part of the team with Sandia that received the FLC regional award for excellence in technology transfer. The core technology and support from our Sandia partners has been a key element for our ongoing progress in commercialization of this enabling technology.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — For responding with innovative solutions during the pandemic, developing solar cell and hydrogen research technology, and creatively working with companies, Sandia National Laboratories won six prestigious regional 2020 Federal Laboratory Consortium awards.

The awards for the Mid-Continent and Far West regions put a spotlight on Sandia successes in transferring technology, partnerships and licensing. In addition, Sandia was honored with the Regional Laboratory Award for rapidly responding to COVID-19 challenges in order to help mitigate threats to the U.S. and its economy.

“During this unprecedented year, Sandia was able to demonstrate our continued commitment to developing innovative technology and partnerships that help secure our nation’s future,” said Mary Monson, senior manager of technology partnerships and business development at Sandia. “While some of the awards recognized years-long partnerships and progress, Sandia was also recognized for our ability to step up in a time of crisis to deploy licenses quickly during the pandemic, and work with companies on COVID-19 projects. We are very proud of the work we do at the labs and we are pleased the consortium celebrated our efforts.”

The consortium recognized Sandia for:

  • Developing a new Rapid Technology Deployment Program for licensing Sandia intellectual property and assisting companies working on COVID-19 projects through the New Mexico Small Business Assistance program.
  • A continued partnership with the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, which continues to focus on bringing more reliable electricity to remote communities.
  • Deploying technologies developed at Sandia to companies with the guidance and creativity of licensing expert Bob Westervelt.
  • Transferring technology to BayoTech, a New Mexico company that envisions local production of hydrogen as a way to reduce the costs and help the country transition to hydrogen fuels which are better for the environment.
  • Transferring small solar cell research to mPower, a New Mexico company that continues to advance the technology for use in homes, everyday objects and most recently a small satellite.
  • Developing a technology called ducted fuel injection that could reduce soot emissions coming from diesel engines.