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Solar Startup mPower Technology Appoints Veteran Executive Kevin Hell as CEO

Kevin Hell

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., May 30, 2019 — mPowerTechnology, developers of DragonSCALES (SemiConductor Active Layer Embedded solar) flexible solar cell solutions, announced the appointment of Kevin Hell as president and CEO as the company rapidly approaches its commercialization phase. The appointment follows a number of promising joint development projects expected to result in the accelerated deployment of DragonSCALES within the aerospace, terrestrial and IoT solar power markets.

Made up of individually interconnected cells of highly efficient silicon, mPower’s lightweight DragonSCALES overcome several critical limitations of today’s silicon solar cells. DragonSCALES can take any form and are flexible, making them virtually unbreakable. In addition, DragonSCALES overcome the low-voltage limitations of today’s rigid solar cells and are resilient, shade-tolerant, reliable and easily integrated.

“Solar adoption has come a long way in a very short period of time, primarily due to lower panel costs. The continued rapid growth of solar, however, will come from solutions that drive cost savings and functionality enhancements at the system level. We believe our technology enables these new solutions and will significantly drive solar adoption in a short period of time,” stated Murat Okandan, founder and CTO of mPower Technology. “With Kevin’s appointment, we are bringing in a proven leader with the strategic management experience necessary to help us convert our product advantages into commercial success.”

Hell brings a wealth of experience growing high-technology companies that have redefined their industries through innovation and thought leadership. He has built profitable global licensing businesses working in partnership with some of the largest companies in the world. His 20 years of P&L leadership roles include being the CEO of DivX, one of the most broadly deployed digital media technologies in the world. Having initiated his career as a spacecraft systems engineer for Hughes Aircraft Company, Hell has since held executive and board roles with multiple companies including Gateway, Palm, On-Ramp Wireless, The Boston Consulting Group and Sonic Solutions. A graduate of Stanford University, Hell received his Masters of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics. He received his Masters in Business Administration from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

“mPower has developed revolutionary technology with tremendous market potential,” stated Hell. “With its dramatic cost and functionality advantages, DragonSCALES are the perfect solution for many high-value, large-volume applications in the aerospace, terrestrial and IoT markets. Licensing our technology to the respective existing leaders in these markets, I believe we have the opportunity to reshape the entire energy business and trigger the next growth phase in solar power.”

About mPower Technology
mPower Technology is shaping the future of solar power generation with its proprietary DragonSCALES technology. Made up of individual interconnected cells made from highly efficient silicon, DragonSCALES are lightweight, flexible, resilient and extremely reliable. Easily integrated solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s solar power applications, DragonSCALES offer the ability to generate high-voltage, low-current solar arrays and feature embedded intelligent electronics. The combined advantages of DragonSCALES open up new solar power design possibilities for anything from aerospace to commercial and residential applications. For further information, please contact

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